What can employers expect?

Tangent Essential Training partners with businesses that share and believe in our business and training model. We spend time with all Job Seekers that participate in our program and work with them to establish and refine their skill set to adapt to specific workplaces. Our courses are Nationally accredited and in accordance with industry standards and best practice. We offer training in ‘real life’ environments where our students experience hands on exposure to scenarios replicating future employment settings.

A training and support grants may be issued to employers who provide employment to certain eligible Job Seekers. Tangent provides Post Placement Support (PPS) to both Employers and Job Seekers alike to ensure new recruits integrate with your business.

Recruitment solutions

If you have the jobs, we have the people.  Tangent has a diverse range of job ready individuals transitioning through our program with an emergence of diverse skill sets, backgrounds and aptitudes.

Specific skills matching is delivered through customised training developed entirely for your business.  Alternatively, if you are sourcing candidates for a specific role, Tangent retains an extensive talent pool of Job Seekers who have successfully completed or are currently participating in our Programs.

How we operate:

1.       Consultation, site assessment and briefing is prepared
2.     Tailored training with ongoing feedback is provided
3.     Candidate pool is pre-screen and shortlisted for employer
4.     Post Placement Support provided for employer and employee

Up-skilling needs

If your workforce is requiring training and development in key areas of your business, Tangent has the facilities and operations to meet your individual needs.  We deliver nationally recognised certification across various qualifications including General Education and Vocational Preparation (Cert II), Horticulture and Landscaping (Cert III), Food Processing (Cert III)Logistics and Management Systems (Cert III), English in the Workplace (Cert III), Civil Construction (Cert III) and Frontline Management (IV).

We provide and have access to leading trainers that specialise in a host of different areas. Our training sites are accessible and conveniently located in Epping and North Melbourne close to public transport. We offer the solutions to meet your business’ training needs and  are well equipped to change the landscape of your organisation.

Call us now to arrange an appointment with our Training and Recruitment Specialist on 0423 300 505 or email us: info@tangentetraining.com.au