Employment Outcomes

Our Tangent Programs are designed to equip our Job Seekers with the knowledge, attitude and confidence they need to be motivated and job ready. Our recruitment team work closely with our trainers, students and employers to ensure Job Seekers are suitably trained with the best job opportunities to match their skill sets. Once our program is completed, students are certified and pre-screened into our highly sought after talent pool. Employment outcomes vary from Customer Service, Contact Centre, Warehousing, Labour Hire, Civic Construction, Hospitality, Horticulture, Community, Administration, Maintenance and Retail roles.

Tangent provides pre-employment program and Post Placement Support (PPS) to all Job Seekers and Job Service Providers. Once a job seeker is placed into employment, Tangent remains in contact, monitors their progress and ensures any additional training and support is provided to keep Job Seekers in permanent employment.

Educational Outcomes

Our objective at Tangent is to ensure our Job Seekers receive both vocational and formal qualifications to increase their employability. We deliver nationally recognised certification across various qualifications including General Education and Vocational Preparation (Cert II), Horticulture and Landscaping (Cert III), Food Processing (Cert III), Logistics and Management Systems (Cert III), English in the Workplace (Cert III), Civil Construction (Cert III) and Frontline Management (IV).

How we can assist you?

Tangent has the facilities and operations in place to accommodate training in many areas.

Our training sites are accessible and conveniently located in Epping and North Melbourne, close to public transport. We offer the solutions to meet your business’ training needs and are well equipped to change the landscape of your organisation.

We are happy to work with Job Services to create and customise training to increase job outcomes and identify community based projects under the Work-For-The-Dole Program.

Call us now to arrange an appointment with our Training and Recruitment Specialist on 0423 300 505 or email us: info@tangentetraining.com.au