The Shine Project

At Tangent, we are proud to partner with community leaders and organisations that share our belief system and strive to create initiatives that matter.

We apply a holistic approach to project management through listening, understanding, working collaboratively and bringing together resources and solutions.

The Shine Project is a visionary umbrella concept that encompasses our community work, which creates work experience and employment opportunities for job seekers through meaningful contribution and involvement with a diverse range of civic and not for profit projects.

Under the guidance of our industry leading trainers and specialised facilitators, our skilled and enthusiastic people provide a welcome pair of hands and experience.

Our Shine Project is designed to inspire experiences, create opportunities, solve problems, learn and shine!

The Kaizen effect

Our mantra at Tangent is ‘continuous improvement’, which is something we also personally aspire to as a team and individually.  As a natural extension to this philosophy, we apply the Kaizen methodology as a central point of our implementation and roll out of the majority of our projects.

What is Kaizen?

Kaizen is a Japanese word for the meaning of  “good change”. This roughly translates to a system or process designed to humanise the workplace, identify and eliminate waste in business processes and increase productivity. The Kaizen principle, as a daily process, is adapted effectively by global multi- national companies and channels across the globe, most notably Toyota.

If correctly introduced, the process of Kaizen minimises human efforts through improving systemised productivity using machines, computing and power. All levels of an organisation can participate in kaizen activities, even the CEO! The success of the introduction of Kaizen is generally more successful if embraced as an organisation and spearheaded by team leaders or line managers.